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Mangaged to squeeze more from the day

Posted in Uncategorized by betfairtrader1977 on April 19, 2010

New Bank is 229.66 euro


Posted in Uncategorized by betfairtrader1977 on April 19, 2010

Today was another good day with regard to hitting my target but unfortuately I have had to withdraw some funds from my Betfair account due to a bill I had forgotten about which needs to be paid this week.  Its not all bad news as I still have a balance of 223.75 euro so my masterplan will just have to kick on with this balance.   These things happen in life so that is the way it is, now its done I can now get back to concentrating on the job in hand and that is to grow this bank from its very modest balance!!!!

My profit today came from Guillermo Garcia’s victory over Christopher Rochus in the tennis from Barcelona.  It wasn’t looking good at one stage as GGL lost the first set 75 after being broken 3 times but managed to turn the match around to win 57,61,63.

Bank is now 223.75 euro

Posted in Uncategorized by betfairtrader1977 on April 18, 2010

Well I have hit today’s target with minimum of fuss which is hopefully the way it will go everyday.  This is the way I feel is my only chance of being a success , back value looking for small gains each day and then if I can do this everything should look after itself.

I backed the awesome clay monster that is Rafael Nadal today in the Monte Carlo Masters against his fellow spaniard Fernando Verdasco.  It was an absolute hammering handed out again by Rafa, his tennis and some of the shots he hits on the dirt are truly breathtaking, and although he was surprisingly beaten in last year’s French Open, barring injury, we won’t see a repeat I feel.  He beat Verdasco today by a scoreline of 60,61 and only lost 12 points in the first set – AWESOME!!!!

The World Snooker Championships started yesterday and this is where I picked up the rest of the day’s target.  I started trading Mark Selby and Ken Doherty last night with the match finishing this afternoon, a 10 -4 victory for Mark Selby.

Tomorrow’s target is 4.06 euro from a new bank of 405.96 euro. Now time to study the options for tomorrow!!

Welcome To my Betfair Journey

Posted in Uncategorized by betfairtrader1977 on April 17, 2010

I hope by the time you read this that I am well into my betfair journey and it is at least successful and going well.  I have being a gambler, punter and trader for the last 3 years on betfair and if the truth being known not a very good one.  My problems are like a lot of people in this field is that I have poor money mangement , a total lack of discipline and when things go wrong I let them get on top of me and as we all know in this game, they are not very good traits to have.

I want to try and change all these traits and make a success of Betfair and I suppose this is the main reason for the blog.  I will be using the blog as my own personal record and Journal and try to learn from my faults and start to make a consistent profit on betfair.  I do believe, although I am open to the fact that I may be misguided/deluded, that it is possible to profit from betfair and that I have the necessary skills to achieve this.  Time will tell along with this blog I suppose whether or not I can conqueor my demons!!!!

My plan first of all is to try take the rollercoaster of emotions out of my trading.  I just want to become a robot so to speak and just do what I have planned to do and not start getting involved in other markets just to satisfy some adrenaline rush or even worse boredom.  My starting bank will be the principle sum of 400 euro and my aim is to never risk more than 5% of this bank, so in this case my starting point will be 20 euro.  I am looking to gain 1% compounded on my bank per day and so I will only stake enough to get this target, be it over 3 markets that day or one market that day, for now that is the way I will do it and go from there.

Yes it will be a very long road, and progress is probably going to be mindnumbing and slow at first, but so be, this is the way I feel I can do it.  I will update daily with a report on how I done and if I go wrong try use this blog to analyse where I can improve.  I hope you enjoy my Journey and I hope it is a success.

Start Bank  400 euro  –  Next Target 4 euro